Monday, September 9, 2013

Hola Madre!!
This week was pretty good. Longer than the others a little but still good. We are still searching for more people to teach but not many want to so that is hard. And the people that seem so great are never home but we keep walking and trying everyday. We had a zone conference this week with the president which was really good. Almost all of it was focused on families and baptising families so they can be together for eternity. It was really good on talk was about the temple and the blessing it is to all of us. It is interesting because as I have been away from the temple I have missed it but I am able to feel that same strong spirit with me everyday. That is something that I am so greatful for, how strong the spirit can be felt here on my mission. Also I am so greatful for the power of prayer and the ability we have to pray anywhere. I can tell you that I pray all day everywhere. I am really focusing on having positive thoughts all day so when negativity comes into my mind I pray and ask for strength. 
I can tell that summer is coming. Yesterday was much warmer than usual which wasn´t great but a few people gave us something to drink and eat so that is always awesome. Also apparently yesterday was the day time changed one hour ahead here and no one told us. We have a meeting at church at 8:30 every sunday so we showed up thinking it was 8:30but it was 9:30. The leaders we just standing talking so we just guessed that they had canceled the meeting so we went upstairs for church. There were a ton of people and we were so confused as to why a these people were an hour early. Then we found out the time changed. So that was interesting. 
Random thing but really funny here. In the united states (dont say america because then people always say "Im american too") when you are walking on the street and you hear music like its a small world and row row row your boat you think ice cream!! Right?? Well here you think gas. Yes gas. The gas that is used in peoples houses for warm water is delivered on this trucks that for some random reason play childrens songs. I think if this was so in the united states people would probably say that it isnt health for children to associate those songs with gas that could be dangerous. Haha I dont know. 
I have seen some of the prettiest skys here on my mission. I dont know if it is because I look out over the ocean and to the sky when a door closes or another person just walks by us when we say something but they are really nice here. 
My companion is great. We get along fine. I think he didnt really know what to expect when training a greengo because I can tell he gets a little annoyed when I dont understand everything he says and ask again. A lot of the time he just reverts to english which I dont love because I need to understand the language. But things are good. I just try and talk completely in spanish to him. He is from santiago, like 1.5 hours away. His dad served his mission here in vina del mar and actually close to our area. He is the youngest like me and has two older sisters. It is interesting because the old bishop of our ward now lives in his home ward and was his young mens president. 
Things are good here. I am hoping this week is better than last. Not that the last was really bad but it wasnt super. haha old missionaries are probably thinking every week isnt super but I dont know Im still learning. 
I love you all so much. Be safe. and pray always. 
te amo 
Elder Hamilton

Note- I love flowering trees, and Tynan sent me this picture. So strange that it spring there and the trees are blooming. Cheryl