Monday, February 17, 2014

hola Familia

No pictures this week.  He really spoils us!

hola Familia 
Espero que todo este bien en sus vidas.
I had a great week this week. I know that it was even better because the week before was a little harder for me and my companion. I have this thing that I always say to myself when I am having a hard day or week. I need to aprieciate the hard times because that is what makes the good times that much better in life. I really always am happy. I know sometimes I have hard days or hours but I dont think I can be to sad when I feel the spirit and I try as hard as I can. 
We are still working with elias to help him stop smoking. Yes it is frustrating because I just want to do it for him. I know that I have been blessed with great determination and I want to be able to give that to other people but I guess we will just keep trying to help him in whatever way we can. He is a great guy I and I really do love him so much so it is just sad to see someone that I care about choose other things. 
Our other investigador that is progressing a lot is orlando (shout out for erin in orlando florida. haha). He is doing so good and had his interview for his baptism this week. He will be getting baptised this saturday. We are really happy for him. I am so excited for him. This is the first person that I have visited since we started teaching him the first time and now this week he is going to get baptised. I am so happy that he is making this choice. We are all hoping that the rest of his family will follow in his footsteps after. He has a sister, that is going to come back here this week, and his mom that are not members and his dad is starting to be active again. I remember the first time we contacted his sister and visited their house. 
Yesterday we had a stake conference that was really great. It was a broadcast from salt lake for the stakes in the northern part of chile, like us and up. It was 10 here so it would have been 6 in the morning when they were starting in utah. I loved it and heard a lot of things that I really needed to here. There were two elders from the 70 that talked in spanish, the 2nd councilor of the primary and elder cook. It was really great. I love it when we get to hear from our leaders. I am looking forward for when we get to watch general conference in a month and a half. 
The weather here is still good. This week it was a little cooler which was awesome for us. It is really funny because all this time people have said that in feb and march it is so hot. Me and my companion are from places where it really is hot so really it isnt that hot here. Granted I am not walking around and up and down hills all day at home but it really isnt very hot. It reminds me a lot of the weather in california which is just another testamony that god really does know me and knows that I like this weather. 
(In response to me telling him that I was watching Ice Dancing CH)  It is funny because I always hear songs from ballroom comps here. I never reallized before how many songs are in spanish at ballroom comps. And I hear the ones in english. I always hear a good samba or chacha. Some times, like right now, I hear a rumba. I always miss dancing. I want to stand up and dance haha. 
I am doing really great. I am excited for this week! I hope that everyone has a great week. I love you all so much
Les amo
Elder Hamilton