Monday, February 24, 2014

Baptism Of Orlando

Baptism of Orlando

Hi Family
I had a great week. I loved it so much. I think saturday was one of the best days in my mission. We had our baptism for orlando. It was great because we were doing it with another baptism. A boy who turned 8 so there where a lot of people from the ward there and the youth too which was so great. It all went really well and he felt really great. Thensunday he received the spirit in church. We were really nervious because they got there late and we thought that he was going to miss the time to do it and have to wait for another week. But he made it and he came with his mom, dad, and two little sisters who are 7 and 5. His dad is activating in the church and his mom isnt a member. So that was the first time his mom and his two sisters had gone to church. She wanted to go before but was always so worried that her "earthquake" children would be to noisy and so we tried to explain a lot that it is fine and that it is important that they can go too. One of the girls, the one who is 5, wanted to go before and the other one didnt. After the sacrament meeting they were getting ready to leave but the primary presidency stoped them and invited them to primary so they stayed the whole time. And in the end the girls were so excited to go back next week. So now the mom is really content and we are hoping that her and the other daughter, she is 19, can get baptised soon. The hard thing is that they arent married but I think the more and more they are involved they are going to make the decision to get married. We have talked about it a few times. It is amazing that a conversation like that really isnt that akward haha. So we are really happy for them. We know that the whole family will really be blessed. He is going to receive the priesthood next week too! 
Then sunday the sisters in our ward had a baptism too and He wanted me to baptise him so that was fun and went well. We were a little nervious because we didnt know if the members would want to come back sunday night for the baptism but there were a lot of members. It is really great because the members are getting excited to help with the investigators at church and support them. 
We are alway looking for new investigators and this week that will really be a focus for us. But things are good and everything. 
I finally got my id for chile which was cool. I feel so official in chile now. But my picture is terrible!!!!! haha. Everyone was talking about how in photos for ids you cant smile. Like in passport and stuff. I was so confused because I am always smiling in my pictures for my passport and ids. So when we were taking the picture I was trying to look serious and I guess my serious look is more like drunk and mad look. haha but It doesnt matter. 
I love you all so so much and hope that you all have a great week this week. 
Pray always 
Les amo
Elder Hamilton

 Helping the sisters with their baptism

 Different kind of Spanish Book Of Mormons
 Cute lady from our ward!
It says-Because all the days are your days. Thanks for everything mom!!