Monday, February 3, 2014

Staying in Quilpue!

Hey- Erin met a group of girls who are working at WDW on the college program that know Tynan from either Timpview or BYU. They said they read his blog so here is a shout-out to you!. 
Good luck working  (Cheryl)

 I think this is the gas truck that plays "It's a small world" (Cheryl)

We have been living out of our bedroom the last 3 days because the sister that owns the house is changing the floor so we dont have a lot of space. The kitchen and everything is in our room. We are looking forward to moving out into the rest of the house today. 

Hi Mom! 
Yay 7 Months. I really cant believe it. Even though you all have said that it has been a little slow it has been going by so fast for me. I think when you can get out of bed and walk around it will be better and go faster. 
The big news of the week is.....
Nothing happened. I am still here in paso pondo in quilpue. I am happy and excited to be here another change and to finish training Elder Huertas. We are excited and hoping to have at least two baptisms this month. Things are going good. I still really like my area and I love the members so much. They are so great. I sent some pictures with the members because I took a few in case I left. haha. I cant believe we are one month into 2014. Time is really so short it is so weird but I am happy that I am doing things that are keeping me busy. Im not going to lie sometimes I wish I could have one night to watch cars or toy story 3 or some other movie. haha. But I will stick to what I am doing and to watching Jose smith: profeta de la restauracion y los testamentos. I will have plenty of time to catch up on movies in my life. 
This week we had a funny experience. We were leaving our last appointment on Saturday and we were walking near the house of a member. All of the sudden her dog recognized us and was running aside us. We called her and she said that they werent home but it was fine because the dog will just go back to the house. So we kept walking and the dog followed us. So a little longer we called again and she said that it is fine at one point the dog will leave us and go home. Finally we got to our house which is a little far from the members house so we called again and she said that she couldnt believe that she followed us for so long and she didnt think she could find her way back. So we talked to the sister who lives in front of us and told her what was happening and asked if the dog could stay in the yard for the night and so thats what we did. It was so random and funny that the dog recognized us. I guess I shouldnt be too surprised because we are always in white shirts and dark pants. At one point my companion said maybe there is a reason the dog is following us. When he said that I got this feeling like really there was a reason for that. Who really knows but It was a cool experience. 
I am sorry to hear about Peiter. I am hoping and praying that things are ok and that he will continue to get better. 
I love you all so much and I love to hear from you each week. 
I love you
Les amo
Elder Hamilton

Below are pictures of the families