Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I love the Church

You can tell there is not much rain here even though they are only about 30 min from the coast. The weather is beautiful right now. Around 70-75 and blue sky's every day

Hi Family
This week was good. It was a little hard but I am happy. I am learning more about how we really can make ourselves happy and it doesnt depend on our surroundings. We just had some problems with investigators and menos actives that was a little annoying. i knew coming on my mission that that would be one of the things that would be the hardest. letting other people choose for themselves isnt always easy to watch but I love know that we all have this ability to choose and so I can always choose the right even if others dont. It is sad because we know the blessings that they are missing in their lives. I am so happy that I have this testamony about the truth and that I can share it with others. I f they done acept it that is their decision but I know that I can stay happy and stay strong. Our investigator that smokes still is struggling with that. We had a menos active family tell us that they didnt want anything to do with the church yesterday. This happens almost everyday so that isnt new but we have been working with them for like 2 or 3 months so we are a little worried for them. 
But I am happy and excited for the new week. I am ready to work hard and find more people to teach. It isnt always easy, the mission and life, but it is always worth it when we are with christ. 
The youth went to efy this week and yesterday they bore their testamonies about their experiences. It made me think of how grateful I am for this church and for everything they do for the youth. Every young man and woman that got up there was sharing their testamony. It wasnt the testamony of their dad or brother or friend. It was the things that they have felt and experienced. It is through efy and other activities like that that we can have this testamony as youth and adults. I read a talk from conference this morning called Be ye Converted from this conference sunday morning. you should read it. I loved it. It talks about conversion and how it is a process in all of our lives. It doesnt matter if we have been obispo, missionary, primary teacher or whatever. We all have the responsability to convert ourselves everyday of our lives. 
I love the church and the spirit. I have felt a lot in my mission the spirit. Even in times that are so hard we can have the spirit if we are doing what is right. I dont know how I would be able to live and do this work if I didnt have the spirit with me always. Life is so much harder without the spirit and the gospel. 
I heard that the olimpics started. it doesnt seem to be huge here but still I have heard a little. Everyone here is excited for the world cup for soccor. I have heard a lot of that and it is like 3 or 4 months away. Before my mission I didnt really know it existed haha. 
I love you all so much and hope that you all have a great week. Do something this week to strengthen your relation with our heavenly father. 
Les amo 
Elder Hamilton

 Chile has 6 athletes in the Olympics
 This says All Together Quilpue
Dirt on my face- we were doing service