Monday, July 7, 2014

1 Year and 4th Of July

Burn something on your year!

Hi Family
Happy Fourth of July!!! I had a great week and a great fourth of july. I didnt do much that day but we did have a good lunch and at night the americans sang our hymn. haha. The independence day for chile is in september. It is really big with a lot of food. The whole week they are celebrating with food. I loved it this last year. I remember I did get a little sick with all of the food. They do a lot of bbq everyday that week. I am excited for september 18 again. 
This week was really good with investigators We have two investigators with a baptism goal and that is great. We are hoping that they can keep progressing for their goal date. One has a cousin that is serving in uraguay right now and his aunt and uncle are members too. He is studying and is 23. He said that he is excited to come to church with us and work towards his baptism. The other is 29 and he is looking for work right now. He has listened to the missionaries before and we are teaching him again. He is progressing and has a desire to get closer to god. We are really happy with our area and the people here the members are starting to help us more and more with everything which is great. 
This last week I pased my year mark. And everyone has always said that the burned something so we burned a tie. to be honest it was just a tie we found in the house haha but it was cool to burn it. haha. I dont want to loose any of the clothes that I have.  
You asked about this box or stand thing that they are testing in the mission. It has brought a little succes. They are testing it in like 6 missions. We haved had it for a long time and will probably get it again in a few weeks. The sisters in my district have had success with it. They were able to find investigators to teach. I know that we have had at least one baptism from the stand. I think it is a great idea. I know that we are going to be doing it for sometime. The president said that if we are good with it they might start giving ipads to our mission. We are going to have a conference in 2 weeks with an area 70 and they are suposed to explain how we will start putting facebook in the mission. But we will just have to wait and see what happens with everything. 
The weather has been good. Not too cold and no rain during the day which is great. 
Everything is going really good here. I am happy and excited. 
I love you so much 
Elder Hamilton 

(What a great thing if they start with the online/ iPads. I know so many who have found great success with it. Tynan and I always said they would get it as soon as they leave. Guess we will see. CH)

 4th of July Meal