Monday, August 25, 2014

Earthquake!! In Chile

Ironically there was an earthquake by Tynan Sunday and then the Cali one on Sunday.  CH

 What is it with boys and guns?? The first pres is watching!! CH

Hola familia.
It sounds like a lot has been happening with you all in your lives. I am glad to hear that things are going good. I cant believe brock is home and brandon gets home so soon. Two years are nothing. It passes way too fast!!! This week was good a lot of wierd things happened that were different than normal weeks so in everything it was a very different week. 
To start off. My companion had to take out his wisdom teeth so he was a little swolen and hurting a few days but he did a great job with it. He was resting for some days so we werent able to do as much this week. There were days that I left with members or another missionary so he could rest. Then friday I had a meeting with all of the district leaders. It was so awesome and helped me a ton. I am so happy that I was able to go and able to learn so much. They talked a lot about how we as leaders have to be different a lot of times than the rest of the people. I have felt that a lot as I have had to stand up for the rules and the leaders of the mission with some of the missionaries in my district. I hope to be able to apply what I was able to learn and be better. There is still a lot more that I need to do. I have learned that I struggle with confrontation. I have always been self motivated to be obedient. Other people are not self motivated to be obediente so as a leader I have had to learn to teach and to confront them and help them to be obedient. I learned a ton in this meeting and plan on applying it in my life and work right now. On sunday as you heard we had an earthquake. Well here 6.4 isnt an earthquake it is just a small shake or Temblor. haha It was fun. It was the biggest that I have felt while I have been here. We were in a lesson with a less active that has started to come to church and she started calling all of her family. To add to that. Saturday it was rainning a ton. But god was blessing us because litterally every time we left a house it stoped raining and when we got to the next lesson it started pooring like im serious pooring. It was like florida sometimes it was raining so much. But we were dry because we always ended up leaving right when it was slowing down. That was a cool miracle to see. When we got home I entered the house and saw that there was water everywhere. At first I though that with all the rain a little water had gotten under the door but then I heard water running. I ran to the bathroom and found that in the earthquake a pipe was hit loose and water was spraying everywhere. I ran and turned off the water and we started cleaning up. The zone leaders came and helped with there bishop. We were able to take out the water, in some places it was up to two inches. When we walked in my companions flip flop was floating in our kitchen and he had left it where we sleep hahah. It was really funny. That night we went and stayed at the zone leaders house with them and sunday we finished cleading and airing everything out. We will see what happenes. haha. I just keep thinking how awesome it was becuase it was a great mission story to have.
I love you all so much. Thanks for all your love and support. Have a great week. Look for the miracles. 
ELder Hamilton

AHHH! All of the boxes on the floor!

I love it when they have meetings!! Lots of good photos of him there