Saturday, August 30, 2014


Hi everyone
Surprise!! I am writing on saturday. This week we had changes and I got changed. So I am no longer in Estero Viejo, Belloto. On wednesday our leaders called us and told me that I was going to be changed. We went to the stake center in viña, where we have the change meeting. When we were waiting for it to start the president came up to me and told me that I was going to be in the office as the new financial secretary to the mission. It was nice to know before the meeting because in the meeting I am always so nervious. Then right after the meeting I started working with my new companion Elder Arbon. He is the financial secretary right now and will be training me this change. We were running around a ton wednesday after the change meeting because change days are always crazy for the elders in the office. Thursday I started my first really day in the office. There are 8 people that work in the office. The cluff's, they are a married couple, they are the nurse and the person in charge of the houses. Then the two asistants to the president. The registrator and the secretary of the mission. And me and my companion. It is really really different being in the office. We study until 10:30 then we work in the office from 11 until 4:30, we have to make our own food we only eat with the members sunday, but my companion loves cooking so he made everyone in the office lasagna one day and we bought pizza the next day. After 4:30 we have to travel 30 minutes to our area. We live in downtown viña becuase we need to be close to the office but our area is in a hill a little while away so we take a bus for like 30 minutes. Then we work until 9 and walk 30 minutes down the hill to go to our apt. Our area is really great. We are both new there. Before there only was 3 out of the 4 office elders in the office so they were together and were working in the center of viña. So now we are starting to get to know the members and everything. I love working in the office so far. I have a ton of things to learn and a lot more responsablility  but I generally enjoy that. I was so surprised because everyone always says that the people in the office dont do anythign and they just sit down all day and dont have to work. i can tell you after 2 days in the office that it is a big lie. I have never been so exausted in my whole mission. We have to run around the office doing things everyday and we are always walking around viña, which is huge, to pay bills and to get money. I am going to learn a lot and I think that it will help me to know more of what I may want to study after too. We do help the missionarys with the money that they get each week and if they need to go to the doctor and we have to pay for the houses and everything.  i am super excited to be working in the office. The elders that I am working with are so funny and I know it will be a great experience. So now I will be writing every saturdayas long as I am in the office which is generally 6 months. I hope that everyone is fine with writing by friday. haha. 
Everything is going really great. I will sent picture of my new companion and house this next week. I love you all. have a great week!!