Monday, August 11, 2014

I know the scriptures are true

Hola familia
Esta semana estuvo un poco lento en el progreso de los investigadores pero animo esta bien y estoy animado para trabajar esta semana. Esta semana voy a cumplir 1 año aquí en Chile. 
Things are going good. This week there were a lot of people that when to church which was great. Not investigadores unfortunately but a lot of less actives and members. That was fun to see. And Javier, who got baptised two weeks ago, received the priesthood. I had the opportunity to do the ordinance which was cool. I hadnt ever done that. 
Mom asked what people think about the book of mormon as other scripture. It varies from person to person and religion to religion. Many people call it our bible and then we are quick to explain that it isnt the bible but another testament and that it wasnt written by joseph smith. There are some people who just straight up dont want to read it and generally they dont want to talk to us at all, Thats expected. Many people are actually open to the idea of other scriptures. The invitation is that they read it and pray about it. I have learned how important the book of mormon is. It is interesting because a less active that we have been teaching actually started reading the book of mormon this week after many times that we had invited her to do so. Now she has a little interest in understanding more what it says so she said that she was going to read it. That is how the people really can progress. If they are reading with real intent and praying they will receive an answer and they will know that it is true. It is interesting because many people here already have a book or two in their houses. But that doesnt mean that they have read them.  It is vital for all of our progress that we too read and pray about the book of mormon so we can strenthen our faith and testimony that it is true. 
I am so happy to hear that you are studying preach my gospel mom. That is a great thing for all of us to do. I have learned so much about the basic things of the gospel through preach my gospel. 
This week I will complete one year in chile. It is so crazy. I still remember my first day here like it was yesterday. It has gone by so fast and I have loved every minute of it. Not much else happened this week. We had to go to viña del mar this week for my companion. His wisdom teeth are coming in so he had to go take an xray. I dont know why but in the mission papers for people in other countries they dont have to take their wisdom teeth out before but they have to pay to have them taken out here. We are going back to the dentist today to see if he needs to have them taken out so we will see what happens. 
i love you all. Have a great week.
Les amo
Elder Hamilton