Monday, August 18, 2014

Glad he had his wisdom teeth out!

(Thanks to everyone that writes him.  CH)

Hi Family
It sounds like a lot is happening with you all their. Not a whole lot is happening here. We had a great week and were able to find some new investigators to teach which is great. Everything is going really well in my sector and with my companion. He is super great and it trying so hard. I cant believe we have been together for almost 4 months. I have learned a lot and have really grown to love him. We work really well together. We have to go to the dentist again today and he has to take out his 4 wisdom teeth. He has never had anything done before in his mouth or in his body ever so he is a little nervous. So he could use your prayers this week. 
This week I saw a lot of things focusing me on the changes that people make. As missionaries we are blessed to see a lot of changes in the people but some stuck out to me this week. There is a young couple that have had a lot of difficulties and trials. They have been married for almost a year now and have been working together to go to the temple and get sealed. He served a mission for some months in argentina. In all of their dificulties they are so positive and are working so hard to put everything back into order and endure. They are such great examples. Yesterday I was teaching the class in the elders quorum and it was all on being obedient in all things. I asked the class How they have seen the blessings in thier lives through obedience. E. shared that athough the last year was really hard as they were working through their trials as they were being obedient and doing the things that they needed to do the year has gone by really fast. He said that that to him was a great blessing. Now they are getting ready to receive their rights again and go to the temple in a few months. I love seeing the atonement work in the lives of the people including my life. Of course it is better that we dont fall. But we all fall, everyday. As we work through christ and repentance everyday we will see blessings. 

You asked about what the people think about the church. A lot of people think that we are a from the CIA haha its true. It is because when the missionaries first got to chile there were only americans so the people thought that they were from the cia. So sometimes the people yell at us things like, "you cant take my information" and other funny things. There have been some people that have thought that our nametag was a camera. haha It is hilarious. The thing is with almost everyone is that they think that they shouldnt talk with us. They dont know why but they dont want to. Many people think that we worship joseph smith. So there are people that ask us "how is smith" It was really interesting because when we were in viña the last week this guy yelled. "where are the gold plates from nephi" so he must have read the book of mormon at some time. haha. But really there are always people that are really nice and respectful. I hear a lot of people say that in some other religions they teach that they shouldnt talk to us. 

I am doing good. I am happy! 
I love you all. Be happy too!! 
Elder Hamilton

The have a Lego store in Vina!! It's Tiny
(I asked him about a Disney Store. They have one in another city, but only sister are ever put there- probably a good thing CH)