Monday, June 16, 2014

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

HI everyone
This week went well. We couldnt find a ton of our investigators and we are working on finding new ones but I am happy like always. We were able to work with a lot of less actives which was really great and this sunday 4 less actives went to church. We were really excited for an investigator that we were going to put a baptism date but then he told us that he was a member but thats fine. he is excited to participate more in the church. he got baptised when he was 8 and then his family moved so they didnt have a church to go to so they started asisting another church. There are a lot of less actives here in chile so we have a lot of work trying to help them get back into the church. 
This week we had the meeting with Elder Robbins from the 70. I absolutely loved it. It was so great. I went into the meeting with questions in my head for my area and my life and every one of the questions were answered. He just did a question answer session and it was great to see that through the questions that others asked God answered my prayers. he talked a lot about the spirit and how we can feel the spirit more in our lives. That is something that I have been working on in my life. I want to hear the spirit more and then act. I had a really great experience this week with that. We were working with the elders quorum president and our lider missional. We were visiting some elders in the ward and it was pooring raining. (I was so happy that even our leaders would leave in the rain with us) We felt like we needed to go and visit a sister that had been a little sick. So after we had passed for all of the elders we went to her house. Right when I was going to knock on her door she opened the door almost crying. She let us in and told us that she didnt have any power and we saw that water was leaking from the roof all in her apartment. We were able to help here so that she could have power again the clean up a little. It was so great to have that experience where clearly the spirit was guiding us. I am so grateful that we can have the spirit so that we can serve others. 
It is so wierd that it is getting so cold. The nights have been fine with three blanks and warm clothes. I feel so excited because I feel like christmas is coming and then I remember that it isnt coming haha. I will still listen to christmas music and look at my lights if I really want to haha. Things are good. Hard sometimes but good. Thanks for all of your love and advice. I love each and every one of you. 
Les Amo
Elder hamilton

 This is a new Elder in the mission named Elder Hamilton (no answer to my questions of where he was from- another mission mysteryCH)
 Conference with Elder Robbins