Monday, June 9, 2014

mucho mucho lluvia

 mucho mucho lluvia!!
(I hope this is an umbrella they found on the road :) )
Hi everyone
This week was a little hard to be honest. There was a lot of rain and wind which was really wet.haha It doesnt rain a ton here usually so the people werent used to so much rain and they all went hiding in their houses and didnt want to talk to anyone so that meant that we spent more time outside in the rain which stunk but thats fine. It is just another part of the mission. I didnt have changes I still am here with my companion. Every companionship in the district had changes but mine so we have a lot of new people which is good. I actually know some of the new people from other areas so that is good. I was really sick this last weekend with fever, pains, chills, stomach problems, and everything that comes with the flu. So saturday and sunday were a little harder. Sunday the mission nurse had me sleep for a few hours and after that I have felt much better. Still today I am just resting until we start working tonight. Things with my companion are fine. There are better moments and worse. it is hard when he doesnt have a ton of excitement to be out in the rain or at night and just wants to go back to the house. But we are working on that. I really try to be as obedient as I can because I know that that is what is going to bring the miracles and what has brought the miracles that I have seen. I have learned a lot from him which is really good. i just am trying to figure out how I want work better with a companion that has a diferent level of excitement and disire to be obedient and for the work. So if anyone has advice let me know. 
We are working with great people and have found new people this week. It is hard because everyone only has one day in the week that they want to meet or that they can with their work. Work here is a little different and their schedule is hard sometimes. But hopefully we can find our investigators this week. I am really excited for this week because Elder Robbins from the 70 is coming tomorrow and we have a meeting with him as a mission. I am excited to hear from him. I will let you know how it goes. 
Yes it is getting really cold here. It isnt as cold as utah of course but what stinks is that it is cold in the houses too because they dont have heating. Sometimes in out house it is colder than it is outside. but i just use a lot of blankets and hoodies. haha. I am glad everyone is enjoying your summer I am excited to hear all about it. I can see a little snow in the mountains which is great. I really like seeing that. I actually missed the snow. I know that is a shock. 
I love you so much. Sorry not much to say this week. I am good and happy like always. I have learned that happiness is a choice and it doesnt matter what are your circumstances. That is something that i have been working on in my mission. 
I love you all so much
Les amo
Elder Hamilton
 Snow on the mountains.  
(Remember that last year Tynan didn't arrive in Chile until Mid Aug, or Mid Feb as we would see it. He really only had about a month of "winter" there) CH

 We had a BBQ
 Drying out