Monday, June 23, 2014

Where's Elder Hamilton????? I will give you a clue, he is wearing glasses
The whole mission at the conference with Elder Robbins.

Hi family
I am glad to hear that things are going good. I am doing really great here. We had interviews with the president in the house this week. They were really great. I always love meeting the the president and talking with him. He is really great and always really supportive. 
Not much is happening haha I dont know what to write. I feel like everything is the same each week. We have been really happy because we have seen a lot of progress with some less active members who have started going to church again. That has been really great. We also could find some new people to start teaching this week and we hope that they will start to progress. I am really happy with the work of the word here. The leaders really want to start working with us so we are trying to get more of the members excited about working. The members here are really great. There aren´t a lot of members but they are great people that want to help. It isnt very hard to find people to come with us to lessions. We have 2 boys that are getting ready to go on their missions so they are leaving with us. Also our missionary leader and the elders president is really great to come with us. That is really nice because a lot of times it is hard to find people to come with us. Things are going really great with my companion and the area. We are learning a lot togethers and I have seen great changes in my life and in his. That is a part really important to the mission, learning. We are constantly learning whether it be knowledge or our atitude. I have felt a lot of changes in my life for the better and it is so great to be so focused and in tune with the spirit to make these changes. I love the studies that we have each morning. I am learning so much about the gospel. We are all reading about the teachings of president smith, and I have loved reading his experiences in his life and learning from him. 
I am sorry I dont have much to say today I love you all so much. Hope everyone is enjoying the world cup. I have never hearn this much about the world cup in my life. haha. In 2010 I dont remember hearing anything about it. 
I love you all
Les amo
Elder Hamilton
PS We are going to play soccer today Yipee!! :(